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Matthew Stewart is CEO of The Custodian Way and its group of companies that are collectively on a mission to deliver 30 million Impact Moments Per Year.

Uniquely qualified as both a Physiotherapist and Chiropractor Matthew is a chameleon in both business and life having worked across multiple domains and industries in Australia and abroad.

This has provided Matthew with vast experience treating and consulting in private practice, workplace and corporate health, adventure travel, elite sporting organisations, Olympians and world class performers making Matthew’s knowledge highly sought after.

Matthew is a natural problem solver, infinitely curious with a burning passion and is relentless in his pursuit of how Health and Business can be used as a vehicle to redesign the world. Matthew resides on the beautiful Australian coastline of Northern Coast Cost New South Wales with his wife and two children.

The Custodian Way & Group Of Companies

Employ Health
PEAK Sports and Spine Centre

Dedicated To Improving Quality of Life

Driven by a deep curiosity of what makes a life worth living we have set ourselves the mission of providing our audience with insights and practical ways of making this a reality.

If you are like me, you believe this is A Life Worth Living

We live in a world that is fragmented where our attention and focus are pulling us in so many directions. These competing interests so often feel like they are not working together.

My mission is to look at all areas of life, be it work, health or relationships and figure out how to get synergy and optimise for the best life lived whatever that looks like for you.

Come with me on the journey to go deep below the surface

I want you to come with me on the journey to go deep below the surface and extract the key insights from the world’s best and most interesting to apply to our own lives

Chiropractor and Physiotherapist

Matthew is uniquely qualified as both a Senior Physiotherapist and Chiropractor ans is the CEO of The Custodian Way group of companies which includes businesses in workplace and corporate health, private practice and adventure travel and expeditions.

  • Born in Victoria Australia
  • Eldest of 6 children.
  • Met his wife Nikala on a small Caribbean Island called Grenada.
  • Completed his first Iron Distance ( 2.9km swim ; 180km ride and 42.2km run ) in Roth Germany.
  • Plays the guitar poorly
  • Has visited over 62 countries
  • Has a steelpan in his office which is a musical instrument originating from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Each year takes a small group of people on an expedition to Mountain Biking and Hiking in Nepal’s remote Upper Mustang Valley.

If you are looking for practical insights and clarity into how to design and live your best possible life then this Podcast is for you.

You will be taken on a journey where, together, we examine all parts of life by interviewing the world’s best, and through these interviews unravel their learnings and insights to allow us to evolve, design and redesign our best life.

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